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Mix flour with heaven.


Felicetti strives to combine the accurate selection of the organic raw materials - the best cereal grains, the pure air and pure water of the Trentino region. Discover the best durum wheat varieties.

Il Cappelli

Monograno, like fine wine, is made with attention to varietal and terroir, so we borrow wine terminology to describe this exceptional pasta. Varietal: Made with a rare strain of durum wheat discovered at the turn of the last century by one of Italy's greatest scientists. Terroir: Grown on organic farms in Puglia for optimum flavor, recreating the wholesome taste of bygone years. Ground fresh each morning for that day’s production and combined with nearby pristine Dolomite mountain spring water for a singularly aromatic and flavorful pasta. Aroma profile: Raw, its aroma is of a sunny summer day in a hay meadow. Cooked, it exudes the fragrances of farm fresh milk and creamy mashed potatoes with a hint of roasted chestnuts. Taste profile: Sweet buttery breadcrumbs with a final lovely note of sea salt. Toothsome and lively.


This is a strong and rich variety of durum wheat, which is at its best when farmed in Puglia and Sicily. Skilfully our master pasta makers turn it into a premium product that during cooking releases scents of hay, desiccated coconut, and a hint of spun paste. Its flavour is reminiscent of stone cooked bread, butter and bamboo shoots.


This Khorasan wheat originated in the Middle East several thousand years ago and is the ancestor of our modern durum wheat. Skilfully our master pasta makers turn it into a premium product that during cooking releases scents of white flowers and freshly peeled fruit. Its flavour combines a hint of pine and macadamia nuts with nuances of edible flowers.


Spelt has been in use since the ancient days of Celts, Egutpians and Etruscan. Skilfully our master pasta makers turn into premium product that during cooking releases scents of machis, fresh nut and cooked aubergine. Its flavour is firm and slightly crunchy, like bread crust, with a flavour that combines hints of peanut butter and red date

Le Nostre Proposte

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