They cooked it, reinvented it, and sublimated it, but it has always stayed the same. Above all, great chefs who chose Monograno Felicetti for their creations have loved it from the very first moment, when the scent of raw pasta touching the boiling water has sparked their curiosity and experimentations, pushing the creative potential of pasta to the limits.

Carlo Cracco

Cracco, Milan

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Beloved, discussed, desired and envied. Carlo Cracco has always aroused many different feelings and emotions, leading him to take on life’s challenges with eclecticism and a smile on his face.

In his youth, he worked beside top chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi, Alain Ducasse and Alain Senderens, and at the 3-starred Enoteca Pinchiorri. He then opened his first restaurant, Le Clivie in Cuneo, and earned the first Michelin star after just one year. In 2001, a new chapter began with the opening of “Cracco-Peck” in Milan, which he took over completely in 2007. He also manages “Carlo e Camilla in Segheria” in Milan since 2013 and of “Ovo” in Moscow since 2016.

Since 2017, Cracco is a social ambassador for Monograno Felicetti; he emphasizes on social media that bold passion that takes to the top, where the highest summits can almost be grazed with a finger.

Luca Fantin

Bulgari Ginza Tower, Tokyo

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The only Michelin-starred Italian chef in Japan, Luca Fantin grew with an unbridled passion for cooking and an obsession with local ingredients.

He trained in Italy, in the kitchens of Massimo Ferrari, Carlo Cracco, Gualtiero Marchesi and Heinz Beck. He then landed in Tokyo, where since 2009 he runs his own “Il Ristorante - Luca Fantin” at the impressive Bulgari Ginza Tower. There, he faced the decision of using locally sourced ingredients, challenging the belief that Italian cuisine could only be done with Italian ingredients. His choice? Japanese raw materials for Italian recipes. choice

With versatility and creativity in equal measures, Fantin prepares dishes that can thrill even the most international palates. In doing so, however, he makes an exception to his own rules: the pasta can only be Italian; Monograno Felicetti, of course!

Norbert Niederkofler

St. Hubertus, San Cassiano in Badia (BZ)

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Norbert Niederkofler is an energetic, creative and genuine advocate for the resurgence of local cuisine. He loves the mountains where he was born, and where he later returned. As an ibex, he loves to visit the world’s mountains to research and explore the widest range of gastronomic experiences.

Choosing Monograno Felicetti has allowed him to instill in his pasta recipes recollections of the clear water and pure air of his Dolomites.

Because when Niederkofler can make someone else experience the familiar scent and taste of his homeland, he feels simply happy.

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